Sunday, April 5, 2009

Open Mike Night

I keep getting side tracked from doing D-WAR stuff but this one I had to get out of my system

On another note the new monitor is growing on me...It's still freakin' big though


  1. nice one!
    what kind of monitor u get?

  2. k. nevermind. i see ur monitor in ur last post. haha

  3. Yep Samsung Syncmaster t240 wooooo!

    I like the extra screen space to open up whatever stuff I need.

  4. Really Nice Rob! Ahaha that monitor will take some getting used to. Yea It burned the hell outta my eyes when I got my view sonic! I remember I turned the brightness down one time to give my eyes a break, and TOby was like why is your monitor so dim? and im like " This is why! " Turns it up to 100%" hes like DAAAMn Jesus!! crap! So yea it will take some getting used to. Just put a lamp beside your monitor. Should help a little.