Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dominance War IV: Final

Hey all, long time no see

been working on this diligently and it's finally done

Now onto the boring stuff like turnaround and concept sheet! (wheeee) Good thing they extended the deadline :)


  1. this is quite neat. few questions: is the wall in the background just texture or is it actual brush work and did u settle for a less dynamic pose becuz u wanted to show as much of the design as possible? I'm starting to sound like a prosicuter so i'll just say that this is great design, i like the intensity of the glaring eyes and nice touch w/ the crushing of the metalic skull. good luck.


  2. I went for a pose that show off the design more fully without things getting in the way.

    Hmmmm background wall??? It's meant to be clouds but if it's reading like a wall then I need to make some adjustments...

  3. wow ur colors are always so nice n it does look like clouds i think he just meant it wrong

  4. definitely cool design. really strong composition..
    would have been cool if there were an army of those in the background! a swarm of mantis robots!

  5. where did you get that watermark for the dominance war? I would like to use it, and integrate a lotus and more of an "omega shape"